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    Client Story: Pet Resort in the Gardens

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    Client Story: Pet Resort in the Gardens

    Mary Turner knew that traditional boarding kennels could be loud, stressful, unsanitary, and unsafe—but what if she could flip that script and curate a luxury boarding experience for dogs and cats that truly gave pet owners peace of mind?




    From the impetus of creating the boarding solution Mary wanted for her own pets, Pet Resort in the Gardens was designed to be different from the ground up: rigorous hygiene and sanitation standards, group play best practices, and plenty of grassy room to romp. Noise-phobic dogs would have the option of boarding in sound-insulated suites.

    Cats would have a separate wing and a dedicated air system to help them feel safe and separate from the dogs. And a partnership with Farrell Animal Hospital, located just across the parking lot, would even offer accessible and attentive veterinary supervision of every animal in the resort’s care.







    Mary knew that her business had a long list of powerful differentiators that help the resort stand above the crowd. But she also knew that visibility and client education would be key to ensuring that potential clients were informed about PRG’s differences and understood PRG’s value proposition.

    Since 2019 The Fable Company has been a privileged partner of PRG, creating a variety of content, including an informational client on-boarding video, social media marketing videos, and candid photography.











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