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Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW), Texas, USA

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    We are all wired for Once Upon A Time…

    Human beings are wired to respond to stories—we’ve been doing that since we lived in caves.

    At the Fable Company, we know that good, old-fashioned storytelling is still cutting-edge. We think humanity is more interesting than technology, and we believe that great marketing content has great entertainment value.

    Whatever your story is—an innovative product, a stand-out service, or a valiant cause—we’re here to help you translate that story visually and emotionally for your ideal audience. Best of all? We handle the details so that you can focus on doing what you do best: running your business.

    Mollie E. Reeder, Executive Producer

    Full-Service Production

    To understand the unique vision of your project, we first get to know you with a free discovery call. We then brainstorm to create a bespoke video pitch to fulfill your story and fit your budget.

    “Full-service” means that we produce your video from concept to completion. Along the way, here are just a few of the services we can provide:




    Concept Development



    Location Scouting










    Hair / Makeup

    Animal Wrangling





    Sound Mixing

    Motion Graphics

    Visual Effects

    Color Grading


    Here’s how we smash the barriers that keep business owners from benefiting from video marketing!

    The number of businesses leveraging the power of video is at an all-time high. If you aren’t, your competition is! This data from Wyzowl helps us identify barriers and bust ’em, so that you can start seeing ROI from video in your business, too.

    ready to bust those barriers?

    Top reasons why some businesses report *not* using video:

    One-third of responders cited lack of time 0

    This is why we handle your content creation from concept to completion!

    20% report feeling afraid that video will be cost-prohibitive 0

    This is why we offer bespoke video quotes custom-tailored to your needs and your budget.

    15% wanted to use video, but didn't know where to start 0

    This is why we provide creative partnership and expertise end-to-end.

    12% felt unclear on the ROI of video 0

    This why we begin every project with a strategic Discovery Call to identify the best ways video can meet your goals.

    Let’s work together

    Interested in working together? Drop us a line below and we’ll contact you ASAP for a free discovery call! The discovery call is a no-pressure phone meetup that lets you get to know us a little better and helps us understand your needs.


      FREE Tricks of the Trade!

      We know a thing or two about making videos, and we don’t think that best practices should be trade secrets. That’s why we put together this short PDF guide to creating better video content for your business or vlog.

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