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Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW), Texas, USA

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    We chose our mascot, the Hare, as an homage to all of the great talking animal stories we read and loved as children – the kind of stories that gave us grown up feelings of adventure and heroism, feelings our imaginations still chase today.


    The hare heralds us to be gentle creatures, quick of mind and swift of spirit, in all that we do. And she reminds us of pulling rabbits out of hats, a wink and a nod to the magic of movie making.

    Mollie E. Reeder | Executive Producer

    I started working as a freelance videographer and editor ten years ago, learning the ropes of the “biz” on projects for clients like Raising Canes, Best Western, McAlister’s Deli, and the Hilton Anatole.

    In 2015 I co-produced a musical feature film called Aria Appleton Shines like the Sun, produced in and around Fort Worth, Texas. Aria’s festival debut was in 2016 at the Lone Star Film Festival, and the film subsequently toured various festivals around the country.

    In 2018 I released my debut novel, The Electrical Menagerie, one of just a few self-published books not only to be selected for review but also to earn a rare and prestigious star from Publishers Weekly. The audiobook edition went on to win its category at the Independent Audiobook Awards in 2020.

    The Fable Company was founded as a brand in 2021, representing over a decade of my experience in media and entertainment. Owning a production company is a lifelong dream I am overjoyed to see to fruition.

    I love dogs, biking, and tabletop gaming. I’m a night person and a June birthday. The love of Jesus sparks me to do all that I do with kindness, passion, and an enduring spirit of hope – three things I hope echo from every stroke of my pen.

    Valor | Studio Dog

    Valor is Fable’s CFO (Chief Fetch Officer).

    She’s in charge of company security (mostly from UPS deliverymen and toddlers on bikes) and is also a talented model and animal actor, knowing well over 100 tricks and commands. In her spare time, Valor competes in dog sports including K9 Scent Detection and Dock Diving.

    Each Fable Company project gets its own customized, modular team of creators and professionals. Here’s why that benefits you:


    Like the rest of our bespoke service, the crew (be it 2 or 20) assembled for your project is custom-fit to your needs and your budget.

    Maybe you need 4 camera operators to capture multiple angles of a once-in-a-lifetime shot… or maybe you just need one who can be as unobtrusive as possible. Either way, we can do that!


    Some videography services use a cookie cutter approach to project planning. This is faster and cheaper for those services, but doesn’t always best benefit you.

    After all, we aren’t making cookies! Just like a Hollywood movie, your team is assembled with consideration to individual skill sets and artistic approaches to best fit your brand.


    Big production companies with private studios carry significant overhead — which may get passed to you, whether you use those facilities or not. Yikes!

    Fable doesn’t own an expensive studio. Instead, we utilize location and soundstage rental as-needed, which keeps our overhead much lower and allows us better optimization for your budget.

    Ready to assemble your team?

    The first step to working with us is to schedule a free discovery call, so we can get to know your needs!

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